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 Oh yes. yes it is . its wilson

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PostSubject: Oh yes. yes it is . its wilson   Sat May 17, 2008 2:43 pm

Hey its wilson im sure you know me .. itd be heaps good if i could be admin..I have changed alot i donot rage anymore =]

*Your First Name
Pat ( As known as Wilson )

*Your Age

*Hours you play on our server
When ever im on css pritty much

*You mature enough [We'll know]
You know me..

*Cooperative with the admins and also members
Will do

*What would you do if you were admin
Enforce rules in a fun way.. ie .. hackers and stuff the odvious stuff.. will not abuse admin powers

*Previous Server you used to play on know it

*Favourite Food

*Favourite NRL Team

Please pick me =] afro
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Oh yes. yes it is . its wilson
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